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Staff Update: New Squad Member!

I am excited to announce The Mindful Mutt's first HUMAN squad member, Sammi Arnold!

Sammi lives in Washington Square, is pursuing her MA in Museum Studies at Harvard, and works in admin at MIT.

Sammi loves all types of animals, including her cat, Dante, and her horse, Sam! She has been dog walking professionally for 3 years already and trained horses for 4 years. She is First Aid & Pet CPR certified. Growing up, her family raised police service dogs (bomb sniffing, etc.)! Isn't that cool!!??

I am so happy to have her on board because she will treat our fuzzy family members with the respect and love they deserve! Hiring someone to help me has been hard because I am very particular when animals are involved, so having Sammi as a part of the team is fantastic!

Right now, Sammi will be helping with group dog walks on Tuesdays, as well as kitty care. Additionally, she can do dog sitting/boarding. Since she has a cat at home, any dogs boarding with her will have to be cat friendly (i.e. will not torment or try to eat Dante! He does enjoy the company of dogs, however.) She has been meeting all of the dog and some kitties with me over the last few weeks and they respond wonderfully to her.

Please join me in welcoming Sammi to the squad!


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