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Our Client Portal: Paw Partner


Reactive Dogs: We are currently unable to accept reactive dogs as new clients at this time. This includes dogs who have a history of snapping at humans or other dogs when they are uncomfortable. 

Information for the day of your pup's temperament evaluation:

  • We require a quick-release collar (the kind with the squeeze-release clasp pictured below.) and DO NOT accept buckle or over-the-head collars. No chain collars are permitted. Either a flat collar or a martingale collar will work. Please ensure your dog's collar is fitted properly at drop-off. For instructions on proper collar fittings, visit this website


  • Drop-off hours are 7:30 am - 10 am. I recommend an earlier drop-off when possible for your pup's first day because there will be fewer dogs in the building, making it less stressful. If that's not possible, that's OK -- anytime until 10 am will still work.

  • We offer tours between 8 - 8:30 am. We do not allow visitors into the play area after 8:30 am because there are more dogs present and it stresses them out when strangers come in. Please, do not pet strange dogs during the tour because some are still learning how to interact with strangers. If you come outside of the 8 - 8:30 am window, don't worry! You'll definitely be able to follow along and see the space all day through our updates on our Instagram/Facebook stories!! @themindfulmuttboston

  • We recommend making drop-off "short and sweet" to limit your dog's anxiety. In our experience, drawing out a long goodbye, petting them over the gate, and talking to them in high-pitched, sad voices will increase their anxiety and cortisol (stress) levels, making it harder for them to relax and calm down. It's hard to drop your baby off on their first day, but I promise this is the best way to do it for their own benefit.

  • During their first day, we will not be focused too much on training new skills, but on letting them settle in and observing their reaction to the new environment and new dog friends. We look out for things like signs of anxiety or overstimulation (ex: excessive barking, humping, pacing, panting) as well as reactivity or fear (growling, snapping, tense body language, etc.). We want to make sure your pup not only enjoys the experience but that we provide the right amount of stimulation and structure for them!


Steps for Successful Sign-Up:

  1. Create a client account in Paw Partner here (our scheduling, invoicing, and messaging portal) which includes your information and your pup's information.

    • Please use the Paw Partner messaging option instead of email once you sign up. This helps us stay organized as a team, and keeps your messages linked to your dog's profile.​

    • Documentation of necessary vaccines must include expiration dates -- invoices for vet visits do not suffice. Either a .pdf or clear photo of the vaccination document will work just fine!

    • Vaccines required are:

      • Rabies 

      • Bordetella (annual, but every 6 months is recommended)

      • Distemper (DHPP/DAPP) 

      • Canine Influenza (Double check this one! It is NOT a core  vaccine so your dog may not have it.)

  2. Add a card on file (required for all clients) by clicking "Saved Cards." You can update this at any time.

  3. Download the Paw Partner app to your smartphone. The app will allow you to get push notifications if we message you - this is highly recommended.

  4. Schedule a Temperament Evaluation first day whenever we have availability under "Make a Reservation" > "Daycare" > "Temperament Evaluation" 

  5. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for daily updates  on our stories.  @themindfulmuttboston is our handle.

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We recommend downloading the Paw Partner app for the best experience as well as notifications and messaging on the go.


All clients are required to have a card on file. Please be sure to add your card on file when signing up for a new account.

To purchase a daycare package of 3 to 5 days per week or an unlimited monthly membership, visit "Package Credits" once you sign-in. Our weekly packages expire 7-days from the date of purchase.

Boarding deposits of 50% will be required at the time of reservation request. If your request cannot be accommodated, we will be sure to refund your deposit. Please note our 2-week cancellation policy prior to booking.

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