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Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your fur child's well-being. The Mindful Mutt provides the mental and physical exercise your dog needs to be healthy and happy.


The Mindful Mutt's daycare revolves around the understanding that dogs need reliable routines and boundaries, as well as mental and physical stimulation.


We believe your dog is technically "training" 24-hours a day, whether you realize it or not. Dogs learn from their environment like sponges absorb water, and they benefit from thoughtful, consistent leadership both during a training session or out in the real world. Without direction from leadership, dogs think they either must fend for themselves or there are no rules and it's the Wild West out here. (And, for the record, this is NOT the Wild West; This is Boston.)

Our daycare program is different from the "play-all-day" and "indoor dog park" models of daycare you might be familiar with. Our program enriches your dog's daily routine, reinforces positive behaviors, and can even teach an old dog some new tricks! 

We provide every dog with:

  • Supervised playtime to practice appropriate socialization in small groups based on size and disposition

  • Enrichment activities such as the doggie treadmill, agility, balance activities, puzzles, and doggie "games"

  • Basic obedience with positive reinforcement of good behaviors throughout the day

  • Scheduled nap-time for mental/emotional balance and preventing overstimulation (which can manifest in excessive barking, mouthiness, pacing, panting, humping, etc.)

  • Potty breaks outside

Please note: Dog Daycare is not a replacement for obedience training. Consistent obedience training at home will allow us to positively reinforce wanted behaviors during daycare. Our program is also not designed as behavior modification training, and we do enforce behavior rules to keep a safe and calm pack environment.


$57 per day

+$45 additional dog from same family 

Pre-paid Packages

3 days per week $162 ($54/day)

4 days per week $208 ($52/day)

5 days per week $250 ($50/day)

Recurring Unlimited Membership

$880 per month


Monday - Friday excluding some holidays

Drop Off: 7:30am - 10am

Pick Up: 3pm - 6:30pm

Daycare Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is required by 6:30pm the day prior to your reservation.


After 6:30pm the day prior, a cancellation fee of $20 applies. 

The no-show fee is also $20.

Please give us advanced notice to offer the space to another family.


Thank you for understanding.



Our overnight boarding program includes socialization with friends during the day and a couple of naps mid-day to prevent over-stimulation. Participation in the enrichment and training during daycare is available at an additional $20 per day selected. On weekends, our playgroup is included at no additional cost.

Boarding rates are per overnight with pick-up in the morning. For an afternoon/evening pick-up, an additional $45 half-day rate is added. (Ex: Drop off Friday and pick up Monday afternoon/evening equals 3 overnights plus one daycare day.)

A temperament evaluation will be performed during your Temperament Evaluation / First Day of Daycare at a reduced rate of $20. If our programs are not the best fit for your dog, you will not be charged the $20. You can schedule the Temperament Evaluation day by creating a profile through out CLIENT SIGN IN page, and selecting any available day for structured daycare. We ask that someone be available for an early pick-up if needed on the first day in case of any extenuating circumstances like displays of aggression or extreme anxiety.

The pups sleep in a crate (provided) at night after long days of playing and socializing with their friends. We are unable to offer crate-free options at this time.

Pick-Up & Drop-off Hours


$85 per overnight

+$75 additional dog from same family 

Extended Stays (12+ Days)

$75 per overnight

+$65 additional dog from same family

Add Enrichment during daycare hours (M-F)

+$20 per dog per day

Add half day for afternoon/evening pick-up


Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 10am or 3pm - 6:30pm

Saturdays: 8-9am or 6-7pm

Sundays: 8-9am or 6-7pm

Most Holidays: 5pm-7pm

No pick-up/drop-off on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Years Day.

We do not offer custom pick-up / drop-off times. 

Boarding Cancellation Policy

Since we offer only a small number of boarding spots each day, we require a 50% deposit once your reservation request is approved. The remainder is paid at the start of the reservation.

Cancellation two (2) weeks to five (5) days before reservation results in loss of half of the
deposit amount (equivalent to 25% of the total reservation).

Cancellation less than five (5) days before booking will result in the loss of the
total deposit (50% of total reservation).

Thank you for your understanding.



Dogs play and socialize in small groups during our weekend playgroups. They will practice basic obedience skills in addition to supervised playtime. This is a great way to introduce your dog to daycare. Use this time to run some errands, grab brunch, or just have a few well-deserved hours off from your full-time dog duties!


$30 per session


Saturdays: 2:30PM - 5:30PM

Sundays: 10AM - 1PM

Drop-off and pick-up any time

within the above windows.

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