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Afforable and Fun Squeaky Dog Toys!

There is one thing I love ALMOST as much as I love dogs:


(actual GIF of me below)

I often post on The Mindful Mutt's Facebook Page when I find pet supplies that my clients and/or I recommend.

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I thought a nice way to start off The Mindful Mutt blog today would be by sharing a few squeaky toys I received from Amazon in the mail today. All of which the dogs (and I) are thrilled with, and none of which were expensive.


If your dog loves tearing up stuffed animals and ripping out the squeakers, try purchasing multi-packs like the ones below. I just received these in the mail. Unboxing them was SO FUN for the pups. I felt like Mary Poppins pulling surprises out of her magical bag! They're small, but that's OK with me because it means there is less stuffing to clean up!

Squeaky Fruits and Vegetables Plush Puppy Dog Toys

9 toys for $9.99


One of my dog-walking clients, Winston the Mutt, has a Moo-ing cow toy, and I knew I needed to get one for the house! So, I picked up this one as an "add-on item" from Amazon. He actually makes a moo-ing noise instead of a squeak!!

(Thank you to Winston's mom for inspiring me to buy one of these! The dogs are LOVING it!!)

$3.74 including the 25¢ online "coupon"

The same brand offers a monkey and a pig, too! They're just a couple bucks more -- also offered as Amazon add-ons.


Are there any good squeaky toys you recommend?

Let me know by commenting below or on Facebook!

I'd love to feature some more options.


Always supervise your dogs with stuffed toys, ESPECIALLY if they are prone to tearing them apart.


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