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Leash Walking Training Resources for You!

Does your dog always pull on the leash?

As a former dog walker, I learned that many people have never trained their dog HOW to walk on a leash with intention -- they just put the leash on and expect the dog to understand the concept. This results in a lifetime of unruly walks, ruining a time that could be very enjoyable bonding experience between dog and handler. Dogs need to be taught HOW to walk on a leash because it is not natural for them. That being said... THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU if you didn't start this practice with your dog when they were a puppy! You will probably find that your dog LOVES to train with you, just like they do at daycare!

I wanted to share a few videos that can help you with loose leash walking. Hopefully it will make Spring time a lot more enjoyable for you and your dog! These videos are courtesy of McCann Dog Training, who have a lot of helpful free videos that you could use in the future.

Remember: YOU are learning HOW TO TRAIN your dog. "Dog training" should really be called "Dog Handler Training"! If you use the skills you learn, you WILL see progress! Remember not to get frustrated. Progress is sometimes slow... You can do it!

  1. Start with the fundamentals:

2. More in-depth for contant pullers:

3. How to get your dog to PAY ATTENTION outside or around distractions!

Hopefully these videos make training your dog to walk on the leash better.

Let me know if you enjoyed them or if there are other tips and tricks you would like to learn about!



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