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Mainvest x WEBOS: The Small Business Renaissance [Panel + Pop-up]

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a panelist for this awesome event on Oct 28th for Women Entrepreneurs of Boston Week. Please join us for a discussion on small businesses, women leaders, and fundraising.


As part of WEBOS week, Mainvest presents a panel on funding women-owned small businesses followed by a Boston Women's Market pop-up. About this event:

Mainvest is proud to work with the City of Boston on empowering women-owned small businesses. We believe that we're facing a small business renaissance, where locally-owned brands will play a heightened role in our economy and our everyday lives. Women, and women of color, in particular, are starting businesses at a faster rate than ever before, but continue to face challenges in funding their ventures. How will finance adapt to the changing landscape of entrepreneurship? How can everyday people take part in funding these brands?

As part of WEBOS week, we're hosting a panel with women entrepreneurs that have raised capital on Mainvest in Boston to discuss these and other questions about their journey. Following the panel discussion, you can put our words into action by shopping the Boston Women's Market pop-up!

Panelists will include:

  • Deanna Anderson, Founder of Mindful Mutts

  • Ivy Lawson, Founder of Ivyee's Everything Honey

  • Heather Yunger, Founder of Top Shelf Cookies

  • Isabel Strobing, Director of Marketing Communications at Mainvest

Boston Women's Market vendors will be announced ahead of the event. Come equipped with questions and thoughts on how you can support women-owned brands in Boston as we meet at City Hall Plaza on Thursday, October 28th.


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