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My kitty clients' favorite toys!

Any cat lover will tell you: Every cat is different! And so are their preferences for entertainment! Some kitties like to play with toys and some prefer to swat glasses off your kitchen counters.

Growing up, I had 5 cats at the SAME TIME. They were actually the kittens of my grandmother's cat who came into the house and gave birth on her couch! When she passed away, she asked my dad to take care of her cats, which he did. The mother cat, Kitty Cat, eventually was stolen and the people who took her even called us to tell us not to worry that they had her! (Insane, right!!!??) All of our them had different personalities: Goldie liked to walk in between your feet and occasionally that would result in him getting stepped on. He was also a master hunter, often leaving the entrails of some poor rodent or bird on our front steps as a token of his love. Smokey was the sweetest cuddliest kitty who always slept on my bed and purred extra loud. Squeaky was neurotic all over the place. Rocky liked to walk back and forth across your lap, keyboard, newspaper, board game, or anything else you were trying to focus on; It was annoying, but endearing. Squeaky Junior was the son of Squeaky (the only cat that never got fixed for some reason and knocked up my friends kitten...) and he was the one who liked to destroy things and sneak into our neighbor's house through their doggy door!

Even though cats are so different, I am going to do my best to share with you the toys I have found most of them like to play with. Maybe your cat wants to try out something new for a change!


These are amazing for imitating a flying bird. The kitties love the sound of the feathers flying through the air! Be careful not to leave these around the house because the cats love this toy so much that they will destroy the feathers when you're not around (I'm looking at you Bandit, Hamilton, and Rosa)! Another bonus is that you can easily get replacement feathers, or even attach your own pieces of felt at the end of the wand.

(Note: I am unsure of the brands my kitty clients have, but I recommend one with a longer string and wand. There are cheaper versions, but based on reviews, I have included this one from Amazon.)


I gave these springy toys as gifts and I was surprised how much many of the cats loved them! They're super affordable, and great for cats who are at home alone because they give them a lot of tactile feedback during play. The springs bounce across the room, and when the kitties use their claws, they can even throw them!

I would recommend these as an alternative to the small mouse toys. If your cat enjoys those, there is a good chance these will be a big hit!

3. BATTERY OPERATED: Jittery Bugs!

These little toys vibrate across the floor just like a bug! When they hit a table leg, they will eventually move in another direction. The cats love these because it has a tiny little sound of vibration on hard floors and the way they zip across the room.

These are best for hard floors, but can work on some low-pile carpets/rugs. I am including these 2 specific brands because I have seen them in action!

I hope these are some new ideas to keep your kitty entertained! I know for sure there is nothing scarier than a bored cat! :) If you have any other cat toy ideas, please let me know! I would love to share them with my friends & clients!


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