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Pre-Opening Special Promotion!

We are offering a special rate for the first people to reserve daycare for their dog, pre-opening! Thank you for your support and excitement as we prepare the new space for your precious pups!

What is structured daycare?

The Mindful Mutt's daycare revolves around the understanding that dogs need reliable routines and boundaries, as well as mental and physical stimulation.

Our structured daycare program is different than the "play-all-day" and "indoor dog park" models of daycare you might be familiar with. We provide every dog with:

  • Supervised playtime to practice appropriate socialization in small groups based on size and disposition

  • Enrichment activities such as the doggie treadmill, agility, balance activities, puzzles, and doggie "games"

  • Basic obedience with positive reinforcement of good behaviors throughout the day

  • Scheduled nap-time for mental/emotional balance and preventing overstimulation (which can manifest in excessive barking, mouthiness, pacing, panting, humping, etc.)

  • Walks and potty breaks outside

Buy 2 Weeks, Get 1 Free

(less than $29 / day)

3 days/week package = $258 for 3 weeks (save $129)

4 days/week package = $336 for 3 weeks (save $168)

5-days/week package = $400 for 3 weeks (save $200)

Limited availability. Packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Expires 60 days after opening day. Opening day planned Fall 2021 (exact date TBD).

Dogs must pass temperament and behavior evaluation at Meet & Greet. We understand that every dog has different needs. If structured daycare is not the right fit for your dog, the price of the package will be returned promptly.

Schedule your Meet & Greet here:

For any questions, please email

Thank you and Dog Bless,


Founder & Fellow dog parent


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