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The Mindful Mutt Turns TWO!

It's been 2 years that this magical place called The Mindful Mutt has been open! Dreams really do come true if you work hard to achieve them.

🥵 It's been a long journey from living in a motel room with a single mom, to eating food pantry off-brand cereal at my mentally ill father's house, to getting my first job when I was 12 cleaning houses, to working 2 jobs through college eating ramen and boxed Mac n cheese, to figuring out what my purpose is in this world through jobs that made me question my worth, but it all brought me to this beautiful place.

❤️ I, however, couldn't have done this without the love and support of all my friends/clients (not mutually exclusive). We had one of the fastest funded projects in the history of Mainvest, raising $90k in less than 3 months during a world-wide pandemic. I don't say this to brag, but to illustrate how much our community REALLY wants and needs better dog care options in the Boston area. I'm forever grateful to every single one of my 70 investors who took a leap of faith with their hard earned dollars to support this vision.

Thank you so much for being a part of this with me.

💖 I encourage you to take small steps toward your dreams every day, even if it seems like an unrealistic ideal future. I started when I was working as an Exec. Asset. for CEOs and hospital directors, bringing pups to my home for boarding as a side-gig. This schmuck I used to work with in real estate made fun of me in front of old colleagues for "walking dogs" in my spare time. One time a random parking meter maid made fun of me after writing me a ticket by condescendingly saying "that's why you're walking dogs!"

A pic of what I looked like when I worked in an office

The truth is, out of college, I didn't pursue a career with dogs because I felt embarrassed that I wasn't "using my degree" in Human Services. I know my journey is the path less taken, but I use skills I learned in college as major advantages in my business and for my brand.

🙃 Let's be clear...I'm not saying a new career or following your passion won't be the most difficult thing you've ever done... I have had several mental breakdowns, countless sleepless nights, and took the scariest risks ever, but now The Mindful Mutt has a home and a community to share our love for enriching, fun, and SAFE dog socialization.

👎 And to ALL of the people who told me I was wasting my college degree, or made fun of me for my job, or asked me if I can actually make a living off of dog walking, or said I'm "just a dog walker": Think of me the next time you're asking your boss for permission to take a long weekend off or when you try to get me to watch your dog during the holidays 😉

🥂 Here's to all of us as a loving, intentional, inviting community! Here's to all our fur babies, both with us and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge: you have impacted us humans with your unconditional love, your stubbornness, and your ability to challenge us to be better!

Thank you and, as always, DOG BLESS! 🙌

- DeAnna


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