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Three EASY ways you can improve your relationship with your dog

I'd like to challenge you to take your relationship with your dog to the next level!

Sounds really hard, right?!

Well, it's not!

Here are three ways you can improve your communication and bond with your dog starting right NOW!!!

1. WAITING FOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Whenever you are giving your dog anything, whether it's permission to do something (like go out the front door), or a physical item (like a toy or a treat), or an activity (like putting on a leash to go for a walk), wait just a few extra seconds for your dog to look at you and acknowledge you.

2. PRACTICING THEIR OFF-SWITCH / CALMING MECHANISM Give your dog crate time or "place" in their bed with time to settle down on their own. Good times for this might be after a walk, while you're doing dishes, or while you're eating dinner.

3. ATTENTION ONLY AT APPROPRIATE TIMES Give your dog lots of attention, praise, and rewards (treat/toy/pets) ONLY when they are going what you want or what you asked them to do. This includes following cues (like sit, down, come), as well as being calm, being quiet, or greeting new friends appropriately. DO NOT EVER pet your dog, hug your dog, or talk in baby voice when they are acting scared, territorial, pushy, needy, barking, or any other "annoying" behavior. If you do, you will be encouraging that behavior.

The best news is YOU CAN START TODAY! Trust me, in a few weeks you will notice a HUGE change in your dog's behavior and your ability to communicate with them.

Are you up for the challenge???

-- Deanna


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