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I support AWEIA because being mean to animals is for cowards and they should be out of business!

I just wrote a letter to my Representative, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, in support of a new Bill - HR4211: the Animal Welfare Enforcement Improvement Act.

Why? Well, this act would require animal dealers and exhibitors —including commercial dog-breeders, circuses, zoos, educational displays, petting farms/zoos, animal acts, wildlife parks, marine mammal parks, and some animal sanctuaries — to meet a set of standards in order to renew their annual licenses with the USDA, improving upon the Animal Welfare Act that already exists.

This Act would enact unnannounced inspections of these facilities before they could receive or renew their annual license! Believe it or not, the system currently relies on SELF-REPORTING for their license. This will help prevent innocent animals from being extorted by bad people who don't care about their welfare, just what money they can make off of them! 🤬

There are TWEO MORE reasons why this bill would be a game changer: 1) It would require the USDA to publish all inspection reports, enforcement records, and animal inventories online without redaction -- so WE, THE PUBLIC, could know which facilities are ethical and which are not! That way, we know which businesses to support/avoid! 2) Citizen suits could be used to help curb any violations!! I mean, hey, if you get sued enough, hopefully you will stop taking advantage of innocent animals!

Protect our innocent animals! Encourage your Representatives to cosign the Bill too! Send a quick email! (Find your House Rep here:


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